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The three primary classifications of pussy hair and vaginal tidiness.

Smooth is a bush that has been shaved completely leaving only baby smooth skin. A real plus for oral enthusiasts.

Trim is a partially shaved pussy and any remaining hair is tightly trimmed and very neat. May often appear as a V shape on the mons or in a landing strip pattern. Generally, the lips are hair free.

Full on is one hairy puss. No shaving or trimming is ever performed. There is typically thick hair from the taint to the pubis. Usually results in bozo hair and sasquatch crotch.

Classification status is usually determined once the panties are removed so may come as a surprise to a person based upon preconceived notions about what a pussy might look like.

For the more daring and adventurous, one could ask a female boldly if she is smooth, trim or full on. The response my be verbal or physical and may or may not answer the question.
I finally got into Rachel’s panties last night? Yea braaaaahhh was she smooth, trim or full on? She was full on broooohhh. It was like a wooly mammoth down here. I’m still spitting hair.

Excuse me miss. Yes? I can’t help but wonder. Are you smooth, trim or full on? Smooth as a baby’s bottom my good man. Smooth as a baby’s bottom.
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by Tugg N. Harder February 12, 2018
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