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A special time in which an individual goes out to take a little smoke whether its a normal cigarette or even the bong pipe. Smokey time is a time where the smoker devotes his/her heart to the smoke, and nothing can distract them from the wonderful effect it produces. Too much Smokey Time can result in Lung Cancer or getting high, which is why you should limit the Smokey Time to about 5 hours or less. Some people get too carried away while engaging in Smokey Time which frequently results in them smoking through important business meetings and other important events without eve realizing. Some people even smoke to the point where their mind is literally telling them to "Screw anyone else, just smoke me". Smokey Time is becoming a serious problem in the United States of America, as well as the rest of the world. If the government does not outlaw Smokey Time soon, the whole world will begin to smoke, resulting in world chaos and havoc. And as if Smokey Time alone wasn't enough, society in general (well the Smokey Time population and fans) have decided that it is "okay" to just throws their cigarettes all over the streets and onto the floor. This contributes to world litter, and more smoke being released into the air for innocent little pookies to smell it and get addicted to Smokey Time. Although Smokey Time is addicting, and it makes the body feel better while engaging in it, there are many more cons than pros when it comes to Smokey Time. Plz do your part by not joining people in Smokey Time. When, they have made it clear that they are going out to have a little Smokey Time, ignore them and think to yourself, "What a dumbass, he/she's gonna die" and just leave it at that. On a final note I would like to state that Smokey Time IZ NIICE! SCREW THIS DEFINITION LET'S GO HAVE SOME SMOKEY TIME!
Sid - Hey where is Uncle Joe going, he just got here?

Mir - Oh, he's just going out for a little Smokey Time, but he'll be back soon.

Sid - Oh I see. You wanna join him?

Mir and Kaba say in unison - LET'S.

Borat (from the corner of the room) - SMOKEY TIME, IZ NIICE!
by Mastie August 20, 2009
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