Your nans stinky, sweaty clit on a hot summers day.

Mmmm tasty ;)
Nanny can I rub your smokey bacon.
by Josh and Kieran from your home November 15, 2018
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Putting 2 fingers into your girlfriends nostrils and pulling her nose upward whilst doing her doggy style, thus making her look like a piggy thus smoking the bacon or smokey bacon
last night i pulled a smokey bacon on my girl, she was not happy
by jamesthebaconsmoker August 2, 2011
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The unwavering guilt of maintaining a vegetarian diet while simultaneously possessing a magnetic attraction to the consumption of the 'smokey bacon' variety of chip flavors.
"I always feel like people are judging me at the grocery store and when I buy meat-flavored chips; it's as if they know all my soy and fresh vegetable products are all lies. It's then that I remember no one gives a flying fuck what kind of chips I buy, and this is just my 'smokey bacon' complex talking."
by MshrmMiKE October 19, 2011
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