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Where tobacco chewing, big truck driving, boot wearing, cow raising hicks go to school.
See those kids in this cowboy hats with dip rings on there jeans pocket... yea they go to Smithson Valley High School.
by reagan goer December 28, 2010
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this school is full of sexist ass homophobic ass jesus is lord ass trump dick sucking hicks. the teachers have a weird obsession with shoulders so kids constantly get sent out of class cause their shoulders are distracting. it's actually called stoner valley because you're either a stoner or someone who pretends they're a stoner. there are the dumb fortnite boys who make rape jokes and say "no homo" every 4 seconds. there are the basic bitches that all look the same and are probably trying to be insta famous. there are the emo kids who lowkey looks like they will kill u and they're all gay. there are about 4 normal Gay people in the whole school. almost everyone is white, leaving us kids of color w so many hilarious racist comments to deal with. obviously, we are super DIVERSE and EXCEPTING. nobody learns shit cause everyone is stupid including the teachers who really want guns in their classrooms for some reason? everyone goes to football games even tho they literally have no clue whats going on bc its a great time for kids to fuck around on bleachers which is gOaLs . moral of the story , welcome to smithson valley highschool freshman:)!!!!!!!!
person 1: yo why did u get suspended from Smithson valley high school?

person 2: I'm an atheist.
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by local lookout lesbian July 30, 2018
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