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{sme-luhng-king} v. The act of exploring an orifice first with one's nose, to perhaps determine the safety of fully infiltrating said stink-hole. A simple whiff from the surface may not always suffice due to a sort of vapor lock or sealing situation, so you must go smelunking first to understand fully what you are getting into.
- "So how was that pussy last night man?"
- "It was a close call... I went smelunking first, to test ya know? And that misbehave cave was rotten!"
- "You're kidding!? She didn't look like a swamp donkey or anything!"
- "Yeah... Well cautious led to nauseous this time but it was for the better, I don't need that stinky pink."

snatch test smell sniff smell test spelunking spelunk stink stink hole
by Falookie February 04, 2011
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