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Can be defined as a player controlled character who assists in damage dealing but never wins. They usually lack poor finishing skills, but excel at evading. It's very common that they'll finish second place, but will have no kills. Key characters that make incredible minions are Kirby, Link and Donkey Kong. Kirby's floating skills make for excellent evasion techniques and will usually float over people and drop a brick on them just when they're about to finish an opponent near the ledge. Link being the most retarded character will always have his boomerang flying everywhere whilst summoning an endless stream of bombs from his incredibly large repository in his cape. It's important to note that Link is a very easy minion to kill as his stage re-entering abilities are next to nil. The last, and by far most rattling minion is Donkey Kong. While this character lacks evasion skills and fast smashes, he makes up for it with his suicide wind up punch and his scream inducing ability to pick up fellow players and walk off the ledge with them. The best way to combat a minion is to either fight back with the same characters, or choose a character with lightning fast movements. The best choices seem to be Fox with his rattling laser gun, or Kirby with his infuriating A+Down moves.
Sean and Curtis were having an epic fight until a Smash Bros Minion came in and ruined it by carelessly throwing a boomerang and 18 bombs in their general direction.
by Darkfire911 January 24, 2010
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