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A propaganda phrase coined by the Insurgency Sisterhood, a guerilla outfit that promotes women's empowerment while supporting favorable relations between the sexes. Derived from the concept of overthrowing misogynistic men who abuse their positions of power within organizational structures by identifying actions that compromise their integrity, and then using this information against them in the form of blackmail.
"Hey man, you'd better stop flipping favors to your good ole boys like that. Didn't you hear what happened to the last boss who screwed a lady out of something she deserved? Small Dicks Sink Ships."

"I know you really hate the idea of giving that promotion to Jane, but she outperforms everyone man. You'd better go ahead and play fair, and keep mum - she's not so dumb. Small Dicks Sink Ships.
by vivalarevolucion321 August 05, 2018
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