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This article is about the subgenus of Sus. The Slytherpig was recently discovered in Central Florida in some fields between Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. This mythical creature was created as a part of the expansion of Wizarding World of Harry Potter. This pig gets it's name from it's long, sleek body. When it walks from a distance, it looks as if it is slithering. Coming from the family of Suidae. Some of the common species feature the domestic pig and Eurasian wild boar (Sus Scrofa).
==== Description and Behavior ====
As very few Slytherpigs have been discovered, there is little to go on. However, what is known is they have medium sized noises with a longer tongue. Which seems to be used for a matting ritual to incise their potential mate. They contain floppy ears as a goat, however a bit more pointed at the end. The rest of the body is made up of four hooves balancing the majority of their weight.
The Slytherpig makes unfortunate choices.
by PhoenixSE July 19, 2014
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