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Slutyard: Popularized in Australia in the year 2009. An outdoor area or yard at (usually) a private residence on which a person, male or female, of a whorish or slutty nature solicits services of a sexual nature, often for a nominal and affordable fee. These services are often involving acts which are obscene and vulgar to most modest individuals, and persons walking or driving past said slutyard are typically shocked and disgusted at what is seen. "Slutyard" can be simplified to mean a whore or man-whore who is slutty in a gross and public type of way. Besides a noun used solely to define a 'thing', the term "Slutyard" can also be used as an insult - see the below examples.
Slutyard - "On my way home, I went past McLovin's (name changed for obvious reasons) Slutyard and was absolutely disgusted by the depravity and nastiness that I saw coming out of there!"

Slutyard - "Hey, I heard that there was a party on this weekend down at the Slutyard."

Slutyard - "You know that girl that I got introduced to? She turned out to be a real Slutyard ho!"
by Zenkick April 30, 2010
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