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A shirt that a slutty girl wears (and wears it more than most of her other sluttly shirts) and is the sluttiest shirt she owns. It could be low cut, see through, spaghetti straps, tube top etc.

It is also the sluts "signature" shirt. So if you see a slut, and your not sure its her, you'll know because its her slutshirt.
"Hey Mikey, theres that hott chick Summer rockin' that shirt she always wears a lot."
"Jim, thats her slutshirt! It makes her tits jiggle to where we can see!"


"Hey Cindy, you wear that shirt alot! its super slutty! Stop wearing it!"
"No fucking way! Its my slutshirt!"
by summerbabybikinigirl November 12, 2009
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The shirt a slut commonly wears when she goes out to grasp the attention of guys or a revealing or tight shirt a girl will wear to a party or bar in order to show she is available and would like attention from any guy.
X: "We should go out tonight."
Y: "Yeah! I'm feeling a little naughty, I should wear my slut shirt."
X: "Why are all the guys dancing with that whore?"
Y: "It's because she's wearing her slut shirt."
by Moo Fredward June 18, 2010
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