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A slut who is so slutty that they have become quite the celebrity slut at school, the work place, the town, etc.
Joe: Wow, that girl has practically hooked up with every guy at school.

John: Yea, she's become quite the slutebrity.
by Heeeez September 22, 2011
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A peson who is famous for being one skanky ass hoe.
1. Paris Hilton is a total slutebrity... who else has super crazy monkey aids but her... and is famous for it.
2. Lindsay Lohan was origionally famous for her acting, but if she keeps this shit up she's going down in history as a total slutebrity.
by SchexySchwab102.9 August 01, 2010
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A celebrity who is behaving / dressing, etc in a slutty manner.
OMG Lindsey Lohann is such a slutebrity!
by Tarcher July 03, 2008
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