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A toothbrush in ones bathroom specifically for one-time overnight guests. The brush is presented as new, although has likely been used by previous overnight guests.
"Hey playa, did you take that cutie home last night?"

"Yep, gave them the slutbrush, too"
by HeyDaveA October 02, 2012
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its when a prostitute or promiscuous female perform oral sex to a gentleman in the motion of brushing her teeth useing his sperm as toothpaste flossing with pubic hair is (optional)

Its when a slut sucks your cock like she was brushing her teeth using ones cum as tooth paste
FUCK Dude ! My girlfriend gave me one hell of a slut brush last night !

She gives one hell of a slut brush
by willyblunt February 02, 2012
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Figurative term used to describe a female who gets the d she wants but also gets shamed for it by enyers as being a slut for it.
"No one wants to be painted with the slutbrush." my friend says when he explains how girls want srx just as much as guys but dont want to come off as sluts.
by Jack Offa March 22, 2017
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