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A slurryfest is an unusual sexual fetish and can only be described as a filthy orgy of blood, piss and shit. A man will be having anal intercourse with a woman and when he removes his penis a putrid mix of blood and/or shit will spray from the woman's arsehole into a beaker or cup (some people actually design a special goblet known as a "slurry goblet". Sometimes the man or woman will add their piss to this rancid concoction to give an extra thrill and a more potent flavour. The man then sucks up the rancid brew through a drinking straw and spits it in the woman's face upon which he would usually shout "slurryfest" and then slap her violently around the face. Although a slurryfest can be carried out by 2 people it is most common in group sex and is believed to have been started in Brighton, UK by transvestites who are particular fans of slurry.
"Are you coming round tonight for the slurryfest?"

"Last night I went to a slurryfest and I can't get the taste out of my mouth"

"I got drunk last night and my boyfriend made me do a slurryfest"
by Boris the sick twat May 01, 2010
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