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A seemingly harmless kid (may or may not be a freshman) who will drive you crazy after five minutes with him. This creature will offer to pay you amounts of money or food, but never seems to have the cash or remember he owed you anything. Slughathors also are a very disobedient species. They cannot easily be house trained and cannot perform the simplest tasks without instruction. However, with constant bombardment the Slugathor will obey you. Slugathors (if there is more than one) tend to inhabit the areas around upper-class men, usually ones that are a lot cooler than themselves. Though, this is not hard to do, as they are so very uncool themselves. They have been spotted in and around school cafeterias, and are most recognizable by their tracks of spilled food and vitamin water in addition to their easily squeezable back fat.
Slugator is a mystical creature found in school cafeterias, often resemble Mr. Potatoheads or resemble midgets
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