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the art of overtaking another vehicle (usually a motorbike overtaking a car or cars) as slowly as possible with almost no acceleration to speak of so as to selfishly get what you want while simultaneously maximizing the inconvenience of everyone around you (especiallyy the 4 guys behind you who'd really like to and could also overtake if you would just speed up or get the fuck out of the way!).
Question Guy: Why are you late?

Answer Guy: I got stuck behind this douchebag who was an absolute master of the SlowVertake. I swear every car on the way here was doing 40kmh and he overtook all of them at 41kmh max without letting anyone get by him. Fucking prick... Hope he dies in a fire.
by spuncer September 23, 2010
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What occurs when a particlarly slow moving vehicle attempts to overtake and equally slow vehicle on the road/motoway/highway/freeway.
Sh*t, now we have to wait for that bus to slowvertake that truck.
by Daytona675 July 13, 2010
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