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When you stretch a woman's bunghole pretty wide, and take a shit in her ass, and fill it up with all sorts of magical drinks, beverages and other fizzy stuff. You then jam a buttplug in her asshole for 30 minutes, the whole time she is running around a racetrack full of crippled deer in order to make the concoction rather fizzy.

She will then release the plug this, causing a rather large farting sound due to the built up gas, and a nice mess on the floor. Proceed to pick up this mess with a flask, and pour it into her mouth while farting down her nostrils. This will cause her to suffocate and regurgitate the delightful product that you have made in order to feed to your cat, who will enjoy it thoroughly, or your money back.
L: Dude I feel like a Sloppy Jalopy Fartcake with my bitch tonight.
C: Sounds delightful.
by Billy Bob Goat II June 19, 2009
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