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Generally a male of the Sloggett clan will be bald by the age of 17 due to excessive male hormones; grumpy beyond belief; and will have a huge chip on his shoulder. These males consistently want what they don't have and do not understand contentment as it is an emotion they are yet to experience due to their NEED for always imagining what they might be able to attain in the future (instead of taking pleasure in the here and now).

They are of unbearable mood. This is at it's height when first awakening, eases during the day (as long as food and entertainment are provided at regular intervals), and then builds again into the evening, usually erupting in an arguement with surrounding family / friends before bed.

Females of this clan are usually integrated by marriage only; this is because sloggett sperm is widely known to only be able to produce male offspring with a view to the continuation of this unique species and surname. These females may start out as strong individuals but will slowly become ground down by the male sloggett's incessant nagging.
He's in a foul mood again, what a sloggett!
by chuckle66 February 08, 2010
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