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a) Adj. A woman so despicable in her actions that she frequently repulses people by her mere behavior, and shows likeness to filthy slob. Often she is not aware of how her actions are perceived by other, resulting in a hideous blue Vodka Cruiser stained cackle when she mistakenly thinks that people are laughing with her, not at her.
A girl is in such a state of mental unrest while hungover, that she drops her MacDonald's burger on the balcony floor, squats down and proceeds to pick her burger to bits while shoveling large quantities into her mouth in a similar posture to a gorilla. All the while she breathes rather loudly through her mouth due to her 'sinus problems'.

You could use this instance to say "God, Brooke, you really are a Slob of a Woman."
by bluey_grey August 23, 2008
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