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You loath them. They want you. But who ends up dead? You.

You know the rape sloth meme? Well that is what a sloath is, only 69 times scarier. They kill you in your sleep. They kill you in your sleep. They have a thirst for blood. They can also travel at speeds of 69 mph. There is no running- they are faster. There is no hiding- they will find you. Just pray that they will be merciful and end your life quickly.
Jenna woke up when she heard a thud. She rubbed her eyes and looked at her door, now wide open. She saw a shape slowly approaching her, its murderous red eyes gleaming in the darkness. She saw the sloath slinking towards her and just had time to scream...... before everything went dark.

No one has ever heard from Jenna again.
by sex-&-slytherin February 11, 2014
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The enigmatic, unstoppable force that is the cause of all unexplained murders and disappearances.

They leave behind no traces of their wrongdoing.

Alternative forms: sloathy, sloathify, sloathing
A: Did you hear that there are no leads yet in the mass murder case?
B: Yea, it must have been the sloaths.

A: Where did my phone go? I left it right here.
B: The sloath must have been interested in it and have taken it.

Please be aware that the sloath is the same creepy creature in the definition above.
by sex-&-slytherin August 19, 2014
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