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Verb: To Slippy-Fist. a) To "Sucker-punch", throw a "Haymaker," or to sneek something towards an unexpected recepient. b) A sudden underhanded and unexpected presentation in circumstance or situation. c) a heavy, blind-sided blow via language or physical means.
a) I was standing there one minute, next minute I'm on the ground. Must've been slippy-fisted. b) Yo, she slippy-fisted that test to us. c) Woah, that last drink totally slippy-fisted my ass.
by Dan & Lev Stowbunenko February 11, 2005
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To have a slippy fist after penetrating anus with it.
After penetrating Jimmy my hand was so slippy I couldn’t open the door handle.
by Chris Ball April 11, 2005
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Using too much lubricant during the act of male masturbation or recieving a hand job which causes the hand to go out of control.
I used too much baby oil while I was cranking it the other day and I got the 'ol slippy fist.
by Frankie Rizzo November 07, 2007
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