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(1) Slick dissing is to verbally attack someone in a subliminal way.
(2) It's a way to communicate a message without directly addressing them (not putting their names out).
(3) Mostly done on social media sites.

P. S.: When it happens, people that know both of them knows exactly who the slick diss is referred to and have two tabs open and seat with popcorn to see how it's going to ends up. That's why we are obsess with celebrities Twitter Wars!
Slick dissing
2 Girls Facebook Chat:

Ada Livvy: Yoooo! Go check her status! She slick dissed you!
Sandrine Bento: I swear that b*tch thinks I don't know she's talking about me. My word, IMMA BEAT HER ASS!!

*Sandrine Bento posts a status: B*tch be making statuses about but can't say sh*t in my face!
*Ada likes the status

Ada Livvy: Yoooo! TAG HER!
by Ada's words February 20, 2015
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