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He is the coolest kid in his elementary. He is popular between the girls even tbe ones older than him has a crush on him.

He is very sportif. If yiu swear he would beat your ass. He used to hate is siblings but noe he is the most loving one between them
by Truthguy12 June 15, 2019
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He’s a gay orthodox believer who is totally devoted. He has no life and nobody likes him. Tall bastard can look over everyone’s head. If only he was shorter someone would’ve beheaded him
sleyman is coming! Open the church!
by Rajiji June 11, 2019
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Sleyman is a very good looking guy. He gives amazing advices, he is very kind. All the girls at school are in love with him and they all wish he was their boyfriend. He is very sportif and is talented. He has many friends and he loves them all. He is very popular at school. Sleyman loves junk food like burgers and fries and a coke.
Sleyman is a popular teen at school
by Christinaleblanc October 20, 2017
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