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Sleepy-time wankster

A person that attempts to appear or behave ''Gangster'', by dressing in inappropriately over-sized clothing (or sleepwear) that resembles the bedclothes of children (sometimes achieved through the use of matching sets).
"Hey yo Eli! You seen dat "Sleepy-time Wanksta (Wankster)" over there buyin' chicken and honey-nut cheerios?! High-ass fool need to buy a fuckin' belt!"

"What a cute lil' sleepy-time wanksta wankster! Awww. He looks so comfortable! Like, he could just curl up into a ball and fall asleep on the DMV floor!"

"The only thing that looks uncomfortable on that sleepy-time wankster is his hat. Did he starch that fucking thing, or did he buy it this morning??"
by Señor Nutz August 18, 2011
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