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Originally called Mania. A mind-melting psychedelic rock quintet from San Francisco. Members include Bret Constantino, Matt Holliman, Evan Reiss, Jack Allen, and Brian Tice. Rachel Fannan is also a former member, as well as Hubert Guy.

The band met at UC Santa Cruz in 2005.

They have toured with the likes of Arctic Monkeys and The Black Angels. They have also done a collaboration with UNKLE.

Sleepy Sun has released three full-length LP's, every one of which you should check out. Recently, they released a two-song EP from their upcoming album, due Jan. 2014.
Person 1: Hey man, I'm looking for some new bands to get into. Any suggestions?

Person 2: Yeah man, check out Sleepy Sun.

Person 1: *listening* Holy shit, this is amazing!
by chrisazure November 10, 2013
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