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Someone you can hold a conversation with while they are legitimately asleep. Useful when said sleeptalker has information that you would like to know.
Girl 1 : "Oh my god, you were totally right about my BF, he is cheating on me!"

Girl 2 : "No way! How did you find out?"

Girl 1 : "He's a sleeptalker, he started talking in his sleep last night, then I replied to something he said and he answered! I looked to see if he was really asleep, and he was! The next time he began talking, I started asking him questions, and he answered everything."
by ShoGunzalez April 04, 2010
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A sexual act where-by the male forces his erect penis into the females mouth while she sleeps, thus making her sleepy sighs sound muffeled and distorted.
Bill couldn't hide his guilt as he heard Sally sleep talk.
by J May 03, 2005
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