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The act of falling asleep with your hand on the mouse while surfing the web, and randomly clicking and moving it in your sleep, often ending up with something on the screen you were not looking at when you fell asleep.

To other people present, it's like seeing a puppy moving it's legs during a nap, but to the unfortunate sleeper there will be a little concern when he/she will wake up and see something unexpected on the screen, just like sleepwalkers waking up not in their beedroom.

See also RMM (Rapid Mouse Movements).
A: Hey, bro', look, mom fell asleep again at the computer.

B: Oh my god, did you see it? She clicked the mouse. Owww, how cute! She is sleepbrowsing!

A: Holy s**t she opened up a porn site!
by keichix January 11, 2009
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