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A serious and embarrassing condition, most cases with young men between 13 and 18 years of age, but is still diagnosed on older men. When a male is sleeping, impulses are sent to the brain to begin ejaculating. At first one will not notice that he has the condition but as weeks go on, it will get more and more severe. There is level 1 which is almost never noticed, but one will occasionally experience an odd phenomena known as blue balls. Level 2 at which point you will not wake up with morning wood. And Level 3 where one will wake up without morning wood, and with a white, slimy substances all of the sheets, and or undergarments.
Symptoms include:
- Soar hand, shoulder, and or elbow.
- Pain in the genital area
- No friends at all
Sentence: Hello Doctor, I believe I have a serious case of sleep jack.
Senario: A man wakes up with pain in his testicular area.
by Mr. Ben L. July 20, 2011
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