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(1) The phenomonian in which the urban farmer participates in farmville while dozing or falling off to sleep.


(2) A farmville-induced coma.
(1) Example:

Crap! Last night I must've accidentally deleted my barn while sleep farming on farmville! Now I have to ask all my neighbors to send me bricks and wooden boards all over again!

(2) Example:

Phone rings.

Person 1: Hey, Tim can you get that? I'm in the middle of a report.

Tim: (silence accompined by a blank stare)

Person 1: Tim? ...What's wrong with Tim?

Person 2: Oh, Tim? He's not gonna get that phone. He's sleep farming.

Person 1: What's that?

Person 2: You know, a farmville-coma

Person 1: Ooohhhh... I guess I'll get the phone then.
by [farmville freak] June 30, 2010
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