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scumbag, slimy, dirtier than dirt and lazy, when "douchebag" is too much of a compliment
When a friend drinks all the beer, steals your cozie, pukes on the floor, passes out, and then is gone before clean up in the morning, he is a sleach.
by Aria Fugazi June 09, 2015
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Unknown disease that attacks the body’s digestive system resulting in uncontrollable Flatulence. In some instances flatulence can reach up to a 14 on the Flatulence shmisshomorshin scale which actually only ranges from 1-10. This disease is now know as the SLEACH, slang used “sleach fart”.

Damn!!!! That was one horrid sleach fart Justin.
by fire fly(2008) December 10, 2008
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