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A homework problem (usually a math homework problem) that at first glance looks very simple, but turns out to be a long, agonizing, problem that involves much work and thought. These problems usually appear in higher level Math courses such as Algebra 1 and Geometry, but can also appear at lower levels like 5th grade math. For example, you may be assigned problem 32 for homework, and when you hear it you will say "That's not so bad!" but when you actually look at it, you realize that problem 32 is actually a flow proof, (a combination of the Flow Chart and A Proof the two worst things combined into one.), and that problem 32 will take you close to an hour. You will then respond "Dear Jesus help us.....". This term is universal and can be applied to any problem in any subject so long that it is in reality a "Slaughter Problem", and not a "Genocidal Problem" (I.E. "The Doghouse Problem.")
"Ok class your homework is problem 45."
"That's it?"
"That's Easy!"
"Oh sweet Jesus.........."
"Problem 45 is a flowproof designed to prove that in a parallelogram if all four sides are congruent and that their diagonals bisect each other at 90 degree angles in the first quadrant that the parallelogram is actually a Rhombus."
"Dear Jesus help us...... its a Slaughter Problem"
by I hate Slaughter Problems February 02, 2010
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Term described above that was created by the students of Ann Lauver's 6th period Geometry Class of State High. Class of 2010.
See above "Slaughter Problem"
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