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Slatered: To be publicly savaged, skewered, slagged and sledged in the Kiwi interpretation and sense of the word.
As a victim comes killer close to being 'almost' slandered' by a mammalian blogger named Whaleoil and a relentless pool of politically motivated pirahana pals. The former too large and vicious for mainstream gutter media or channels. Is more like observing a sewage-farm as more material is dug up daily and drip fed from the depths continuously as is the waiting to see what floats to the top.
Just don't mention medication or mental health issues.
Incumbent Mayor and dragon lady mistress "Slatered (verb)"

Left (sic) for dead meat after repeated frenzied attacks.. May have been New Jersey Shore affiliated attack or conveniently a Right National Party propagandist driven post party poo. Extra marital sex definitely occurred..Nasty stinky brown mess will linger a lot longer.
by dis-com-blog-ulator October 22, 2013
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