It's a game about you slapping people into the oblivion made by Tencelll.You basically slap people and get better gloves, oh and you also do some stuff to get something called "special gloves".Good luck on this game if you have skill issue XDXDXD.But please, just don't seat in your chair all the day long just to play this games (people with 1000000 slaps+ without any gamepasses needs to go to the mental centre).
Random human being 1:Hey man wanna play a game called slaps battles on Roblox
Random human being2: What the hecc is that game?
Random human being1:*explains the game*
Random human being2: OoOoOoo, it's sound interesting, imma try it out
5 hours later...
Random human being2:Wow game have a lot of content and funni.
Random human being1:Indeed
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Slap Battles is a ROBLOX game developed by Tencelll
Player 1: hey man i don't wanna play ability wars that shit is ass
Player 2: ok we got slap battles if you wanna play that
Player 1: isn't that just ability wars but neutered
Player 2: shut the fuck up
by ROBLOX!! April 12, 2022
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