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noun - Slapping someone so hard it cleans their damn face. It's a noun because you give someone a slapkin (you don't slapkin someone).
"Grimey bitch! You' got crumbs all over your face!"
*SLAP* (administered Slapkin)
"That's a little better but I couldn't slap the stupid out of you."
by Liftidly May 08, 2010
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Noun, abbr. from the compound "šľapkin syn" - used to denote a son of a bitch in a more polite way, used mostly around Sofijská street of the Ťahanovce suburbs (Košice, Slovakia)
- Janči je šľapkins.
- Vieš to istotne ?
- Prirodzene ! Videl som jeho matku povyraziť si so štyroma rôznorodými pánmi.

- Janči is a šľapkins.
- Are you sure ?
- Sure , I´ve seen his mom going out with 4 different men
by vychodne pobrezie January 23, 2010
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