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The art of placing stickers onto object such as STOP signs, Lamp posts, crosswalk signs, and any other available signs or wall. Also placed in subway trains, transportation buses, and on places of high traffic. Placing a slap tag on any other type of graffiti (spray paint tag, throwie, piece, or mural) is considered disrespect. Slap tags are usually drawn on label 228 of the USPS mailing labels, or printed by the tagger with his personal printer on paper with an adhesive side.
Benny drew his own slap tags and slapped them all around town. A nice way to get your name up fast.
by jars July 04, 2012
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Graffiti normally on USPS labels that get put up on public places such as windows, street poles , signs and and other smooth surface
Hey Task did u see that BKC slap Tag on Los Angeles Street
by SlapEmUp August 24, 2013
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