any sex - escort, street walker, night walker,
mostly woman - hooker, whore, call girl, hussy, tramp, out girl, working girl, woman of 'abilities', masseuse
moslty men - rent boy, man whore, player, gigolo

A prostitute is a person who is paid to sexual gratify someone else via physical contact this can range form a happy ending from a masuse to a PSE . The prostute's customer is a usually known as a John because mostly men use the services of prostutes. Men who service woman in this way are usually refered to as gigolos. Prostutes come in all sexes, shape, sizes and ethnicity.
Slang words for prostitute used in a sentance: I will come visit your cat house (brothel), I want two whores (female prostutes) and a rent boy (male prostitute) ready for me when I get there in 30 minutes.
by bbwescort January 1, 2016
Night walker

A prostitue is when a male pays a female to haves sex with him.

Typically, prostitution is the female's source of income.

But a prostitute can be a male too although that's not as common.
Slang words for prostitute used in phrases: "2 dollar hooker" "eww she dresses like a slut" (prostitutes reveal a lot of skin so that they can look sexy) "she gets all the guys cus she's a whore"
by Imbleedingyo November 9, 2013