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A slang substitute is a word, words or phrase that may be used interchangeably with a definition already defined on Urban Dictionary. However, the Slang Substitute may not yet be defined. Slang Substitutes must be clearly noted within the definition of an existing slang term for it be a valid substitute. The beauty of a Slang Substitute is that even if the term is later defined, it still remains a valid Slang Substitute for the term in which it was noted to mean the same thing. Adding Slang Substitutes within definitions saves time and allows more creative slang terminology.
The term Bone In Filet means a tight ass ready for anal play. The term Bone In Ham, while not defined as such, may be used interchangeably to mean the same as Bone In Filet because its noted as a Slang Substitute withing the definition of Bone In Filet.
by A. M. Wood February 20, 2014
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