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The undefinable "chi" (or "qi", depending on the spelling) that one with mammajamma has. A level up from "mojo", it's what makes the mammajammed of the universe so damn fine. One is normally born with it, but increasingly there are lessons and "slammywhammy" coaches sprouting around North America to teach, whose services are often promoted through the use of Groupon.
"What makes that bad mammajamma so damn fine?"

"Oh that's Dave. He's got some mean ass slammywhammy under the hood."
by aquaholic_anonymous May 28, 2013
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When he has sex with a girl and you can here it in the next room.
Hey, have you seen Elliot? He slammy whammyā€™d me last night and Iā€™m pregnant.
by Miles Colby July 07, 2019
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