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Someone who engages in asshole-like behaviour, not through malice or any intentional act, but simply through indifference and lack of any action. Slackholes are so self absorbed with their own invented problems and excuses for their own inaction, they don't realize that their lack of action has an effect on other people.
I have 6 able bodied students who live next door to me. When it snows, they never shovel our shared walk. When they see me doing it, they don't say thank you and don't offer to help. They don't shovel their sidewalk and my daughter slipped and fell on the ice that formed as a result.

When I asked them to shovel their walk, they claimed they had no shovel. When I said they could borrow mine, they said they "didn't want to. They just wanted to live there, crash, and do as little as possible".

What a bunch of slackholes.

See Slacker
by CitizenA February 02, 2011
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