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This is when you are skyping with your significant other, and one of you needs to take a shower, so you place your laptop or your webcam if you have a desktop computer in the bathroom, and you keep the shower curtains open and you talk while taking a shower.
Eli: Girl, I have this job interview in an hour and I really need to take a shower, skypeshower?
Mary: Yeah, sure why not, take me to the bathroom!
Eli: Awesome, I really miss being with you by the way
Mary: Me too :)
by johnny08 February 15, 2011
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The overly brief dowsing that does not clean, but instead only prepares face and hair for early morning video conference call.
"You smell awful. Didn't you shower this morning?"

"I had a video chat, so I only had time for a skype shower."
by TLWyo January 17, 2010
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