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When a Man and Woman are both on Skype and the woman puts her arm behind her ass, place her thumb in her anus and her middle and ring finger into her vagina (aka "bowling ball grip") and pleasure herself. Meanwhile, the man, on the other end of video must masturbate successfully 10 times to get a strike. Should the man fail to do so, it is up to the woman to decide what to title the final count. Some terms for scoring are:

Strike: a perfect 10 (often achieved just before passing out from dehydration)

Spare: takes two skype sessions to count ten successful orgasms.

Gutterball: should he fail even once to climax.

Split: he and "a friend" both don't finish.

Turkey: The woman climaxes more then the man.

Skype bowling is capable of growing in both terminology and game types depending on how often the couple play. Some benefits of Skype Bowling may include more "regular" bowling nights to learn new terms, the woman becoming aroused at the thought of "bowling", giving her the feeling of intimacy via secret codeword/reference.
1. "Suzie gave me a Strike on Skype Bowling last night."

2. "I was trying to Skype Bowl last night with my girl but she got bored and ended up giving me a Gutterball."

3. "After our game of Skype Bowling, my girlfriend decided Mike and I scored a Split."

4. "Marcella and I used to Skype Bowl but after scoring three turkeys in two games, she said she didn't need me anymore..."

5. "Everyone wins in Skype Bowling." :)
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