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Skuxmundo (Noun) skarks-moon-do :An offspring of the fabled "Skux", this word is often used to describe a rare species/class of man. These few blessed men have a distinguishing feature that gives them absolute power over the opposite sex. Rumoured to have been the origin of misandry (opposite of misogyny), many females have fallen victim ending their chastity in return for a misconstrued illusion of love. Such is the power of the skuxmundo.
(Situation 1)
Lynn:"Do you know Bryce with the eyes?" Anne: "Oh my god when did you find out? we started dating last week!" Lynn: "What the f**&*^ he asked me out last night!" **AWKWARD SILENCE**Anne: "Its fine we can both date him" Lynn: "... well he is a Skuxmundo, OKAY".

(Situation 2)
Mulan: "I saw a Body-God last night" Jenny:"I don't get it" Mulan:"A skuxmundo".. **CUE MUSIC- OMG-Usher Raymond**.. Jenny:"No WAY!!" Mulan:"His name is Ioane"..

In both Situations one can obviously identify how skuxmundos' have survived the odd crazy girl, As effective as he is with the women, he still lives everyday life normally with common names like "Bryce" and "John (Ioane)"
by Savisangs June 26, 2010
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