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A Hylian that, when trapped in the Lost Woods for too long, transforms into Skull Kid. Skull Kid enjoys playing the flute and wants to be Link's Friend. He gets possessed and is the main character in Majora's Mask.
Skull Kid is 1337 and a very cool person.
by Skull Kid May 22, 2005
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It’s an acronym standing for Can’t Remember A Fucking Thing. It’s usually used to describe embarrassment at being unable to remember someone (CRAFT moment); going onstage as the lead in the latest theatrical performance and your mind goes completely blank (CRAFT situation); the next morning after a night when you got pissed as a fart and woke up in bed cuddling a traffic cone and a string of fairy lights wound round your prick.
β€œWhere did you go after we left the pub?”
β€œDunno, CRAFT.”
by AKACroatalin November 07, 2015
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A character who first appeared in the legend of zelda Ocarina of time and is the main villain of the legend of zelda: Majora's mask. They are a whole "Species". The "Main" skull kid also appears with a diffrent look in twilight princess.
"Skull kids are kids who are lost in the lost woods for too long"
by SkullKiddo March 23, 2015
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A free game on some website that tend to occupy 10%-50% of the computer screens at my college at any given time.

GUY:I aced skullkid for the 7646th time this year!

Gumba: stfu, no-one gives a shit.
by Gumba Gumba April 11, 2004
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