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It's kind of hard to explain. It’s a neutral word really. But if it had to be positive or negative, it'd be a negative word. You normally use this word when referring to someone:

Who ignores counsel
Who is just plain stupid/stubborn
Who makes unnecessary comments
Who makes mistakes
Does dumb stuff
Does something unbelievably stupid/crazy
Who talks shit
Who can't back it up
Who tries to do something and completely fails

You get it? It's really hard to explain. I just want people to know this word SO exists in the slang/lingo world.

Just know it's not a compliment :P
"Yeah she told me that girl's boyfriend is totally cheating on her and when she asked him about it he denied it."

"Wow....what a scribbler(boyfriend)"


"Hahahah! i just jumped from my roof to my neighbor's roof!"

"Hahah, you're a skribbler."


"What's wrong with you?"

"My boyfriend's being a skribbler!"


"He's ignoring me like a fag!"
by Zozilla January 07, 2009
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