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Skrandy is the combination of Skid and Randy. Mostly used among the gaming community to refer to an new player in a community that is exceptionally bad at the game. This can be anyone boy or girl and mostly is used as a joke. Usually used as an insult. Most common among Minecraft PvPers.
Ex. 1
Gamer 1: Bro that sparklight9 guy is absolutely amazing.
Gamer 2: Nah sparklight9 is such a Skrandy... He 2v1ed me with his butt-buddy and lost.

Gamer 1: Hey you know that guy ajuicylem0n?
Gamer 2: Yea I know him but he is so bad at pvp but he is cocky as f*** and no one knows him so yea I guess you could say he is a skrandy.
by Jimmeh Boi January 02, 2015
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