"Skoden" Is slang for "Let's go then" when trying to engage into a fight, usually followed by

"Stoodis" which is slang for "Let's do this".
Cussin 1: "Skoden cha, stoodis! "
Cussin 2: "Eeee calm down tuguy, I was just joking."
by Psychadellia June 15, 2016
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Used primarily by Native Americans as a way of saying "let's go then!". Mainly used before two individuals are about to scrap.
guy 1: "I seen you messin around with my cousin! I'm gonna get my grandma!"
guy 2: "Naye! Your all talk, skoden!"
by G. AVE December 5, 2018
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"Skoden" is slang for let's go then.
Guy one you wanna fight?............ Guy two skoden!
by Skoden April 24, 2016
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To call another to a fight or to get going
by Hillbom February 20, 2019
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Native Slang short for "Let's go then"
Guy 1: We need to go right now.
Guy 2: Ok skoden.
by Wun Hung Low April 15, 2022
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Let’s go then’
Let’s go then’


He wanted to fight so he said “skooodenn”
by Karonhioko’he January 19, 2021
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First used by Twisted Papers (Tyre Brown) on his 'Gon' to Work' mixtape (2013) @www.skodenmusicgroup.com.

SkoDen means -"Let's Go Then"!!!

Also can be used as a greeting , or as in agreement
Dude1 :SkoDen bro!,
Dude2:," What's up fam, whats up for the weekend?"
Dude 1 ," Those beats are crazy yo!
Dude 2,"SkoDen!
by Chase MorBux September 17, 2018
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