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Skleenernaer is that act of clenching your butt checks together and tensing up

every muscle in your body. You then proceed to move your fingers in a wiggley

motion closely together. This is can be done with a small group of people or a

large group of people. When doing it with other people make sure that your

wiggly your fingers closely together while screaming SKLEENERNANER in a high

pitch voice. When you do it once you can't stop, start spreading this greatness

to all your friends and family! This is usually done when some one is really

excited about something during a conversation.
Person 1: heyyy whats up?
Person 2: not much just hanging out. OMG guess what i got?
Person 1: whattt?!
Person 2: a new puppy! ahhhh skleenernaner!!!!!
by Tracy Blonsky January 05, 2010
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