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Skleeb means boob. The word was thought up by EmSeeArrGrl4Lyfe, a board member on the forum for the web-comic Yu+Me because some members thought there was to much talk of boobs. Making up a new word didn't change that, but it did make it more fun.
Neomety: Did you see the english chick's skleebs?
Ladyhawk: Yeah I did, but you did more than look!
by Neomety March 29, 2008
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1. noun

an ancient unit of measurement
2. noun

an overused insult
3. noun

name of the famous youtuber Trauma's fanbase
1. Sir, we are going 35 skleebz!

2. Ya dirty skleeb.

3. Welcome to the Skleebz Nation!
by Silent Stabber September 15, 2017
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