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Derived from the english language words -skitzofrenic and -jester. A combination of one of the worst syndromes and classifications known to man. This rare hybrid species can be found holding sitting alone at lunch tables, on the school bus, or in the back of a classroom with a scratch-doodle notebook that he shuts if people get to close. With an awareness rating of 100, the skitzo jester is easily startled and always conscious of his immediate surroundings. Skitzofrenic jesters are known to take drastic measures/ and or use alternate routes to avoid crossing paths with intimidating heavy-hitters. even the slightest eye contact may leave them paralyzed for up to 3 hours.
Yo earl lets go to the football game tonight, everyones gonna be there.

Idk man i mite run into that kid from gym class that looks at me funny. Plus he owes me a dollar

Cmon dude stop being such a skitzofrenic jester
by Themathblaster October 31, 2013
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