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A server on Minecraft. Don't ever join this or you will get terminal brain cancer from the community. If you are a toxic shitbag then you might enjoy the community and waste hundreds of dollars on useless in-game items that goes into the pockets of an autistic manchild who will later ban you when you run out of money.
Dawn: "Do you play Skittlemc?"
Ethan: "Yeah I do"
Dawn: "Kys"
by Dawn <3 June 11, 2018
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A Minecraft server called SkittleMC is a survival server and every person starts with 10k and try to become the richest snob on the server they usually get the money by coin flipping or selling things on the auction house. It is also a Christian server, but people ignore that.
Come join me on SkittleMC, my friend.
by Cryolite January 21, 2018
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