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skinder is where in the process of eating a papaya you peel the skin in such a fashion that it automatically make you cum your pants
fuck man i was eatin my papaya last night and i skinder all over the place" "man i cant help to skinder when i eat a papaya
by TryHard69 October 21, 2010
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Skinder (a verb). South African slang word stolen from Afrikaans, meaning to gossip or slander.
Lungi: Did you hear about Kylie?
Jackie: No, what?
Lungi: Apparently she's anorexic. Also, she cheated on her boyfriend with his sister's girlfriend.
Jackie: WHAT?!?
Lungi: Yeah. When her boyfriend found out, he committed suicide.
Jackie: But I was talking to him just now.
Sarah: Dammit Jackie, don't listen to Lungi, you know how she loves to skinder.
by Julia du Plessis March 27, 2012
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